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To Ensure You Get The Best Price Back To Farm Gate.

Are you getting the best value for your grain? Are you taking full advantage of market conditions? Those may be hard questions to answer on your own. That’s where Grainwise comes in. 

With over 14 years in the grain industry, we’re dedicated to putting that knowledge to use for you. We make it our mission to stay up to date and informed on grain prices, trends, legislation, and everything you need to know to sell successfully. 

As grain marketing experts, we help growers across the country understand the constantly changing market and take advantage of it to secure their best prices. Our team can help you make the best informed decisions for you and your business. We work with over 100 buyers so you get access to a wide range of selling options and prices. You’ll be able to choose what is best for you without relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Best of all, we function as your single point of contact before, during, and after each transaction. We’re there from beginning to end to optimise contract management, logistics, delivery, and more. 

You work hard to grow the best quality grain. Let us help you make sure that hard work pays off. Fill out your information below to see if you’re getting the best prices for your grain.

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