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Grainwise Australia provides comprehensive solutions for Farmers looking to sell their grains in the Australian market. With services including grain contract management, grain marketing and grain logistics, as well as Live Grain Price Updates, Grainwise make the grain selling process easy. Get in touch with us today!

How Grainwise Can Help You Achieve Your Grain Selling Goals?

We Have One Goal

To Ensure You Get The Best Price Back To Farm Gate.

Are you getting the best value for your grain? Are you taking full advantage of market conditions? Those may be hard questions to answer on your own. That’s where Grainwise comes in. 

With over 14 years in the grain industry, we’re dedicated to putting that knowledge to use for you. We make it our mission to stay up to date and informed on grain prices, trends, legislation, and everything you need to know to sell successfully. 

As grain marketing experts, we help growers across the country understand the constantly changing market and take advantage of it to secure their best prices. Our team can help you make the best informed decisions for you and your business. We work with over 100 buyers so you get access to a wide range of selling options and prices. You’ll be able to choose what is best for you without relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Best of all, we function as your single point of contact before, during, and after each transaction. We’re there from beginning to end to optimise contract management, logistics, delivery, and more. 

You work hard to grow the best quality grain. Let us help you make sure that hard work pays off. Fill out your information below to see if you’re getting the best prices for your grain.

Our Services

We work with you every step of the way, from seeding right through to your final contract delivery, ensuring a seamless and profitable experience is had by your team.

Live Prices

Unsure what the market looks like today? View our live prices feed to find out whats happening with the Chicago market to get a feel for what your sales opportunities might look like today.

Our Grain Selling Services

Grainwise Australia provides comprehensive grain selling services to Australian grain producers, assisting in all aspects related to the selling of grains, including grain contracts and grain logistics. If you are looking to sell grain, we have the service for you!


Grainwise understands that to sell grain in the Australian grain market effectively, farmers need consistent administration support. With tasks such as chasing payments, arranging transportation and storage options part of our administration services, let us focus on the administration behind the selling of grains while you can focus on what you do best, producing high quality grain for market.

Contract Management

Selling of Grains requires strategically negotiated grain contracts. The Grainwise teams contract management includes everything from negotiation and drawing up of documentation, right through to execution. Our services ensure growers have a solid support system behind them, figuring out the most efficient ways of where to sell grain, how to sell grain and to whom. With a bespoke and individually tailored approach to contracts, selling grain has never been easier.

Grain Logistics

Grainwise removes the guess work from grain logistics. Specialising in marketing plans that reduce peak period risk and contribute to year-round sales, partnering with Grainwise ensures selling of grains from a logistics perspective, is simple and easy. With access to a large variety of transport logistics providers, we can assist you to sell your grain for the best farmgate return.

Market Information

With Grain Prices essential to long term profitability, Grainwise provides up to date, market information and advice relating to grain prices in Australia. Our experts constantly monitor both grain prices and the market, working with over 100 buyers to ensure our growers have premium options available when it comes to selling their grains.

Understanding grain market prices and how they work is essential for all growers. Grain market prices in Australia take into consideration a number of factors which are essential for growers to consider as part of the selling of grains. 

These factors include the futures market, foreign exchange rates and basis points, as well as factors of supply and demand and growing conditions, which can affect farmers decisions related to where to sell grain and how to sell grain, which forms a vital part of their marketing strategy. 

With Australia’s volatile weather conditions grain prices can fluctuate considerably, so it is important that growers pay careful attention to grain market prices, reviewing regularly, so as to obtain the best prices and to enter the best grain contracts for the product.

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