Do you struggle sourcing trucks and managing loads that don't meet spec?

Access our logistics network with each transaction you make

Selling, storing, transporting and running a farm involves a lot of important decisions. It can be difficult to know the best choice for you given the current market. Even if you do know what’s best, it isn’t always easy to carry out. 

Grainwise Logistics Services can take out some of the guesswork. We specialise in marketing plans for a variety of crops. With a marketing plan customised to your unique business, we can help reduce your peak period risk and contribute to year round sales. 

As you enter into grain contracts, we can also help with logistics and transportation. If you prefer to use your own trucks, we’ll help them run more efficiently. We’ll work with you to book in their loads and assist with any down time or lost opportunities. 

For growers in need, our team can also source transport solutions for you. We assist with and monitor logistics to ensure that deliveries are made to meet contract terms. During high demand periods, we can find new logistic providers to meet all your needs and we work through freight rates so you get the best rates back to farm gate. 

Our Logistics Services are here to help you be successful. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.


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