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Grain marketing solutions for grain growers and buyers. Get the best price back to farm gate with Grainwise. 

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Grain Marketing Services

We take your commodities to market, write the contract and assist with execution - supporting you, the grower each step of the way.

We work hard to improve your operations by making calculated decisions that are going to benefit your business and don’t believe there’s a one-size fits all approach to grain marketing.

Being measured on every transaction we do means you can be assured we’re continually working hard to get you the best result every-time.

Our Story

Selling Made Easy for Grain Growers

With a pool of buyers at our finger tips, taking your grain to market has never been more simple.

We monitor the market by the hour and manage buyers and sellers markets to ensure that you get the best value for your crop, no matter location, logistics or season.

We help you plan for the season ahead and develop strategic marketing plans for our clients to ensure they're maximising on their storage and transport resources.


Explore our Support Services

We offer contract execution and effective delivery and transport solutions for your product, whether that’s ex-farm or delivered to end user or local storage.

We’ll provide administration support when required, whether that’s following up on RCTI’s (Reciprocated Tax Invoices), chasing payments that have fallen outside of the agreed terms, coordinating grain warehousing transfers, or providing clarity to both parties on delivery terms including washout mediation whether you’re the buyer or the seller.

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Founded in 2015 by passionate grain marketer Fabian Devereux, Grainwise is committed to providing the best market information and support to farmers year round.
We provide growers with advice and solutions that give them more control over the sale of their grain. Whether thats on farm storage, delivered end user or to local storage you’ll find our marketing support will have you thinking outside of the box and establishing long lasting solutions that will increase the efficiency of your business operations. 
Our local knowledge and extensive resources will bring you peace of mind during the busy harvest period, giving you confidence to focus on doing the jobs you enjoy, like working on the farm.
We’re proud transactional brokerage business, measured on every transaction we do. For you, this means we’re moving with you, working with the season ahead to ensure you get the best value for money on every transaction we do.
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Hear what one of our growers has to say

“It’s a great relationship… Grainwise is easy to work with, they have really added profitability, cost savings, and efficiency to our business.”

Daniel Linklater, Grain Grower at Trentham Cliffs, Gol Gol, NSW

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