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Mia Janne
Fabian has helped transition our grain marketing from a one dimensional approach, to a more dynamic strategy. Over the past years since working with Grainwise we have increased our on farm storage and our profitability has improved as we take advantage of opportunities to supply both export and domestic markets. We value Fabians friendly and professional approach.
Daniel Linklater
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Tony Adam
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Ricardo Silva
I’ve been dealing with Fabian for years now. I always look to him to get me the best price from buyers that pay and are trusted he gives me confidence by dealing with reputable buyers that the commodity I sell will be paid for in good time is as important as the selling price for both large and small parcels.
Gavin Howley
We have been working with Fabian for the last ten years. In that time he has opened up some good reliable markets that we can deliver into. Because we have our own storage and transport it is essential that we keep our finger on the pulse at all times. Grainwise have proved to be easily contactable, in fact i speak to him nearly every day.
Luke Follet
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Justin Holland

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