Why you should consult a grain market advisor!

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Why you should consult a grain market advisor!

The team at Grainwise are trusted, reputable grain market advisors, with the ability to create bespoke grain marketing plans and strategies that meet the needs of Australian farmers. But what does a grain market adviser really do, and why should you as an Australian farmer hire one to assist you?

We take a look at the role grain market advisors plan in Australians grain trade, and the benefits of hiring one! 

Grain market advisors – What do they do?

Grain marketing is in basic terms, the process of converting the commodity of grain into money, with this process focusing on making and developing relevant strategies, making critical decisions, so that the best return can be gained from the sale of the grain product.

Grain market advisors are responsible for the planning, research and development associated with these plans. It is their role to consider the requirements of the farming enterprises in which they represent and stay abreast of trends, forecasts and challenges that may impact upon the industry and therefore strategies. The best grain market advisors are well experienced and have a solid understanding of the overall market. 

Why hire a grain market advisor what are the benefits?

The benefits of hiring a grain market adviser as opposed to relying on the free advice and free strategies that are on offer, is that a grain market advisor will create plans based solely on the needs of your business and cash flow needs. It will present opportunities that are relevant, as opposed to providing generic information that may or may not be relevant to your future plans. Hiring a grain market advisor is setting your business up for future success and is a long-term investment.

Generally, most farmers consider grain marketing to be the biggest challenge for their businesses. They are experts at crops, have the knowledge of farming conditions and what is best suited to their land based upon factors such as soil condition, but when it comes to selling grain, it is a whole other world to navigate.

Grain market advisors focus on more than just prices. Whilst price is a key factor in the decision-making process, plans and strategies are designed to ensure all factors ae considered, with the end goal to meet the needs of the farmer, whilst selling your grains for the best price possible.

Other benefits of hiring a grain market advisor for your business include less stress when it comes to the selling of your grain, better cash flow options and of course the fact that you have someone with expert knowledge assisting you to make sound future decisions.

What should you consider when choosing the right grain market adviser for you?

As a farmer, when it comes time to selecting a grain market advisor, it is important to consider a brad range of things, such as experience, skill, performance, and communication.

Experience is a really big factor. In many industries experience is something that can be learnt quickly, however with the grain market, the longer one is actively involved within the industry, the greater the level of knowledge. Years of experience in grain marketing and business management, provide a greater opportunity that the advisor will have a range of strategies to discuss and present that can improve and assist your business. It is therefore vital that you complete proper due diligence of the history and background of your chosen advisor to ensure they have the required level of experience to take your business further.

Another key part of the due diligence process when you are considering hiring a grain market adviser is skill performance and communication. Communication, the ability of that person to consult and collaborate with you is critical Nobody knows your business like you do, so the ability to collaborate with each of you sharing the knowledge you have in relation to each aspect of your business will enable an effective grain market strategy to be developed.

Similarly, skill and past performance can also be assessed. Look at your advisors history, have the amassed a good solid reputation for excellence?

Grainwise – Why you need us! 

If you are looking for highly skilled, reputable grain market advisors, the team at Grainwise have certainly got you covered. Utilising our 14 years of grain industry experience, together with our commitment to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge, we offer easy and effective solutions to engage growers with buyers, maximising profitability and efficiency whilst delivering more marketing options for growers in Australia.

We make the sale of your crop simple by providing you with up-to-date and relevant market information, expert industry knowledge and help you to sell directly to the end user, grain traders and exporters to maximise the profitability of your business.Whether you’re looking to store your own grain onsite or deliver into local warehousing facilities we’ll guide you through the sales process to ensure we successfully match the sale of your grain with your business objectives.

Give the team at Grainwise a call today, and let’s get a grain market strategy for your business established to maximise your farming future!

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