Using Weighbridges for Grain Logistics

Using Weighbridges for Grain Logistics

At this time of year, grain farmers are busily harvesting their grain, hopeful that they may be able to complete, what can only be described as a mammoth task, before Christmas, so they can enjoy spending some time with their families and enjoying a well-earned rest. 

Whilst, in theory this sounds great, the reality of this involves reliance on a number of things. Mother Nature is of course in charge of ensuring there is good weather to start with, and along with machines operating as they are supposed to, with no faults or breakdowns, things may all just fall into place. However, harvesting grain is only one part of the process. Transport from paddock to storage ins a whole other ball game and is reliant on one essential piece of equipment, a weighbridge. 

We take a look at the role weighbridges play in the grain harvest process, how to use a weighbridge and what the purpose of a weighbridge is. 

What is a weighbridge?  

The National Measurement Act defined a weighbridge as a measuring instrument of a capacity of 3 tonne or more which has one or more platforms capable of determining the mass of a vehicle or of livestock. More simply, a weighbridge is essentially an enormous set of scales. 

Similarly, to your average bathroom or kitchen scales, a weighbridge is used to weigh items and livestock. For the grain industry this means weighing of a physical product. Grain, and it is a vital prat of the grain harvest and grain marketing process, as the weight of the grain, plays a significant part in the dollar value of the product, received by the grower. 

Weighbridges also play a pivotal role ion the protection and management of our roads, ensuring our roads are safe. Many roads for example have weight limits in place, particularly in country and regional areas, for the sole purpose of ensuring that heavy vehicles, such as trucks and road trains, that generally carry considerable weight, do not tear apart the roads, making them extremely unsafe for other road users. Weighbridges ensure that only vehicles under the weight range for that road utilise it, with large fines in place for those who do not comply. 

How does a weighbridge work? 

In terms of measuring grain, a weighbridge measures the weight of the goods that is being transported in a truck or trailer. To get an accurate measurement, the weighbridge will measure the weight of the truck when it is empty, and then again once it is full of grain, with the difference in weight being the amount of grain on board. 

Regulations – Are there any that apply? 

The National Measurement Act, provides a list of regulations that must be complied with, the most important in terms of the grain industry being the requirements related to trade. The Act provides that a weighbridge is used for trade when it is used, or made available for others to use, to buy or sell goods, to determine freight costs or other charges based on weight, or to determine a tax. 

Generally, there are also, other rules and regulations that weighbridge owners must comply with, such as the weighbridge must be pattern approved and tested. 

Grainwise Grain Logistics 

Using a weighbridge to accurately measure a load of grain, is one essential element of grain logistics, and is certainly an area in which the dedicated and experienced grain marketing team at Grainwise can assist you with. 

We understand that selling, storing, transporting, and running a farm involves a lot of important decisions, and with so many balls in the air at once, it can be difficult to have the forethought and knowledge to make the best decisions and choices, taking into consideration the current grain market, let alone actually carry it out. 

The team at Grainwise can assist by taking the guesswork out of your grain logistics. Our team are industry experts, meaning we construct solid, feasible marking plans for a variety of crops, assisting to reduce your peak period risk and ensure a positive contribution to your annual sales figures. 

With transport and grain logistics, such as large part of this, we implement plans where your own trucks are utilised, weighed correctly and accurately at weighbridges, or we can also assist in arranging transport for your grain, particularly in peak periods, where this can be extremely challenging. We also have a broad transport network at pour disposal ensuring you receive the best and most cost-effective transport rates, ensuring you get the best rates back at the farm gate. 

For growers in need, our team can also source transport solutions for you. We assist with and monitor logistics to ensure that deliveries are made to meet contract terms. During high demand periods, we can find new logistic providers to meet all your needs and we work through freight rates, so you get the best rates back to farm gate. 

With transport and utilising weighbridges frequently, such an important part of the grain harvest process, utilising an experienced grain team, such as Grainwise is a smart decision. Offering combined grain logistics management and contract management services, engaging professionals to plan your grain harvest logistics can certainly assist in relieving harvest stress, and see you back home celebrating the end of a solid season with your family and friends. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our grain logistics services, make contact with our customer service team today to discuss your options.

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